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Naturally, the poor guy has to have a douchebag mamodo who uses his fluke 179 true rms multimeter user manual reverence for his mother to try and get him to do things like attack a school.
While far from being a petty and dangerous tyrant, he makes a terrible father, because despite loving his sons, he sends one of them off to live with an abusive caretaker, and is very abusive himself with Zeon who only asked him questions about Zatch.
The Unfavorite : Zeno feels he was one turns out he was wrong.
Kiyo proceeds to hammer Rodeux's defenseless body with spell after spell in a manner that comes uncomfortably close to torture, stopping only to upgrade his Demon Head into progressively more inhuman forms.Unusual number of page views marian keyes lizzie ha vuelto within a short time span.It had been hinted at for an arc without actually showing up, with Earth finally using it in his battle against Gooru.Pet the Dog : Surprisingly Rodeux, of all people, when he met Cheeta.Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" : The teacher's wife, who's called "Wife" until chapter 177, when her name is revealed to be Sanae.The catch is that they can only use their demon powers if they find a human to read spells out of their book.

They've been reduced to a spirit form until the winner is crowned, upon which the king can choose to either revive whoever they'd like, or instead remove them from existence.
Amazingly, Rodeux actually survives this.
From his uber-serious voice (courtesy of the king of all scenery-chewing in anime ) to his constant showboating to a song-and-dance number about how much he enjoyed eating a melon, he's tremendously entertaining and a little hard to take seriously until he starts shooting huge.Before he turned into the cheerful and famous Italian pop star, he used to be a violent delinquent in his hometown.You may have seen the trailer or demo, but this playthrough will include everything!Mad Scientist : The anime had one as the Big Bad of a filler speaker booster for pc arc.Gash inspiring a weak willed character to step up and fight only for them to receive a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Sadist Teacher : Tooyama sensei he even refers to himself as the immature touyama sensei Secret Test of Character : Lien's father is hinted to have.BFG : Cherish's rifle spell, and her Shin Level spell has mini-drones that support fire.Kanchome, in particular, becomes possibly the strongest mamodo in the series, while Momon holds off two evil mamodo with relative ease.Not So Harmless Villains : Purio and Zoboron turned out to be a genuine threat when working in tandem, despite being seriously goofy no matter how you look.All done in an awesome way.