yanmar sd50 saildrive manual

Be aware that oil has to flow downthrough restricted parts of the casing andthen back up again, so pressure will initiallybe high and pumping will be difficult.
Warning The safety messages that follow have warning level hazards.
Ask Your Authorized Yanmar Marine Dealer or Distributor For Help Our professional service technicians have the expertise and skills to help you with anymaintenance or service related procedures.
Fastest way: By using MerCruiser pumpor simple market pump Refer to Preparing the Sail-Drive on page.
If notcontrolled, galvanic corrosion may corrodeSail-Drive components.Itmeans attention, crack cd key generator steam 2013 become alert, your safety is involved!Pump the oil into the drive.Check the amount of lubricating oil byinserting the dipstick as far as possible.Afterpumping out about.9 L (1 qt) of oil, mostlyyou will be pumping out air, but continuouspumping is necessary.Never dispose of hazardous materials bydumping them into a sewer, on the groundor into ground water or waterways.If a propelleris used without a rubber bushing, the shaft, bearing and gears of the Sail-Drive will bedamaged.Use the engine lifting eyes to lift the engineand Sail-Drive.Remove the bottom drain plug.The oil level should reach the upper mark on the dipstick(Figure 3, (2).Observe the following precautions whenapplying antifouling or marine paint to thebottom of the boat hull: always follow the paint/coatingmanufacturer's directions for surface preparation and application.

This Page Intentionally Left Blank SD Operation Manual 2009 Yanmar Marine International specifications Model Reduction Gear System Direction Of Rotation Input Shaft Propeller Shaft Reduction Ratio Ahead Astern Propeller Speed (rpm) Lubrication System Lubricating OilCapacity Standard Unit Long-Reach Unit Dry Weight Remote-Control Control Head Device.
If this happens, stop the engine and under sail, quicklyreturn to the nearest port for repairs.
(1) (6) (2) (3) (4) (5) (8) (7) X Figure 4 1 Mounting Plate at 90 Angle 2 Operation Lever 3 Cable Clamp 4 Remote Control Cable 5 Propeller Shaft Clockwise 6 Pivot 7 Neutral 8 Propeller Shaft Counter- Clockwise SD Operation Manual 2009 Yanmar.
Be sure to open thecock (Figure 5, (1) and confirm that the cooling water has suction by cranking theengine before starting the vessel.
After the firstbottle is empty, screw in the oil changingplug.The first.9L (1 qt) will take approximately3 minutes.Never use the Sail-Drive lifting eye to liftthe engine and Sail-Drive as an assembly.Switch 11 Engine Oil pressure switch 12 Tachometer sender 13 Extension cable.Dealer / DistributorResponsibilities In general, a dealer's responsibilities to thecustomer include predelivery inspectionand preparation such as: Ensure that the vessel is properlyequipped.Notice: Make sure the propeller (fixed orfolding) has a rubber bushing.Pausing for a few minutes will help.