x men legends 2 psp cso

Gradius Collection ulus10103 Playable episode 1 racer mac Mini runs with usb driver update for xp sp2 resigned eboot, but black screens after 4th intro.
Pilot Academy Playable Works as a Remaster.
Hunter x Hunter : Wonder Adventure npjh50624 Playable To fix gfx errors, use:.
Phantasy Star Portable 2 ulus10529 Playable Remaster with modified prxencryptor (PrxEncryptor_mod2) with default mini2 settings S3D.enable 0 adhoc_party.
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII DE ules01046 Playable Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII EN ulus10336 Playable Compression Used: No, SAV temp Fix Applied:.Sol Trigger npjh50619 Unplayable Freezes.Williams Pinball Classics (v2) (Europe) ISO Playable Works as a Remaster.Field Runners Mini npuz00014 Playable fifa Manager 2012 Unplayable Black Screen / Freezes.Final Fantasy Playable Minor graphical issues.Kurulin Fusion Mini npuh10042 Playable Kyoukaisen-jou no Horizon uljs00543 Unplayable Hard freeze as remaster, black screen as minis.Toukiden npjh50789 Major Issues Works fine as a Remaster, but can not save.Compression or not is the same.Exe with the one of your game.Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded ulus10134 Unplayable Black screen as either mini or remaster.

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Rebellions Secret Game 2nd Stage uljm06253 Playable Reel Fishing Playable Works as a Remaster.
LocoRoco 2 ucus98731 Minor Issues Movies have only sound (no video).
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team ulus10537 Unplayable Freezes.
The 0xE lines are conditional codes for CW cheats only so they are optional (we can't integrate them in the ISO we need to use the line that actually writes the cheat: the 0x2 line (sometimes we have 0x1 or 0x0 lines, depending on the.The hex pattern I copied from the memory view and that we will use in this example is fbff B000010.Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony ulus10177 Unplayable Remasters/Minis: Freezes on startup, soft resets Default minis2.txt.2 Unplayable Tested as a Remaster.Frontier Gate Boost Plus Unplayable Freezes.Pachisi Mini npez00123 Playable Pangya: Fantasy Golf ulus10438 Unplayable After Minis logo, hangs with a black screen.