wow patch 3.0.3 to 3.0.8 enus

Implemented an option in the right-click menu to override Blizzard's volume settings, when entering world (defaulted to OFF).
Minor cleanup.
lt;li gt; lt;span classbold gt;Titan Repair lt span gt Eliminated an unnecessary;li gt; lt;span Disallowed showing/hiding the location minimap frame, while in combat.And give control over which options are displayed.Lt li gt; lt;li gt;The spacing is a little smaller between right side buttons.An option to show/hide Blizzard's durability frame was also added.Minor code modifications for some pending enhancement;li gt;Added AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets library.Lt p gt; lt;li gt;Commited TitanBags fix.Added LibQTip back into the package for future column and alignment changes for tooltip data.TitanGold: Improved overall code and created string builds with coin images rather than BlizzardUI GetCoinTextureString call to improve the overall display;li gt;Fixed (hopefully) a bug when sometimes the MainMenuBar wouldn't get adjusted properly on zoning, when the bottom Titan bar(s) were ul gt; lt;p within 100 lt p gt; lt;ul class"changeslistbox" gt; lt;li gt;Emergency Update: Attempt to resolve bottom frames not always adjusting properly, when bottom bar(s) are present and enabled.

IconR/B/G can shade an icon.
Note that not all DB plugins support amp 34;Show Colored Text amp 34;.
lt ul gt; lt;p within 00 lt p gt; lt;ul class"changeslistbox" gt; lt;li gt;Updated German, French, and Russian localization.TitanGold: Corrected incorrect toc version;li gt;Increased the top panel adjustment delay for vehicles face2face pre intermediate tests pdf to 2 seconds.Users are encouraged to delete their TitanItemBonuses folder altogether, as the addon will break in the next release.This web site and its management does not take responsibility for the patches or if they do any damage your computer.Added Ace3 Dialog configuration for the aforementioned elements.Lt li gt; lt;li gt; lt;span Fixed ChatFrameEditBox Blizzard API lt;li gt;Fixed ChatFrameEditBox Blizzard API modification in main module.