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For example, to use a different Fortran compiler on macOS F77 FC F77 flibs -L/usr/local/gfortran/lib -lgfortran -lquadmath -lm (line split for legibility here).
You should download and run it, choosing the default Package authoring installation to build add-on packages, or the full installation if you intend to build.
B.8 Maintainer mode There are several files that are part of the R sources but can be re-generated from their own sources by configuring with option -enable-maintainer-mode and then running make in the build directory.This may allow you to install a development version of R (de-selecting.APP) and then switch back to the release version.This has the advantage of always keeping your source tree clean and is particularly recommended when you work with a version of R from Subversion.After./configure make make check (or, when building outside the source, TOP_srcdir/configure, etc) have been completed successfully, you can install the complete R tree to your system by typing make install A parallel make can be used (but run make before make install).Please see Chapter 4, Guest Additions for more information about the Guest Additions.To get a version of Microsoft.NET Framework 4 that supports Server Core role on Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 go to Microsoft.NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) for Server Core.NET Framework 4 Readme Related Resources.For a comprehensive list of enhancements to WF go here.

Win, or if -force-biarch or field Biarch in the description file is used to assert so).
R can be built without support for translations, but it is enabled 1 million serial keys for softwares by default.
You are strongly encouraged to read the MKL Users Guide, which is installed with the library, before attempting to link to MKL.Environment variables, -no-multiarch may need to be added to the install lines.) On Unix-alikes the architecture to run is selected by -arch: this can also be used on Windows with R_home/bin/R.exe, but it is more usual to select the path to the Rcmd.This is known as the R home directory.The tests were for compilers from the OpenCSW repository: Solaris systems often come with much older compilers installed under /usr/sfw/bin.(You may need GNU make to allow this, and you will need no spaces in the path to the build directory.Dll.a (you dont need one use make -f Makefile.