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Advertisers can also upload several zip-targeted ads in bulk using the companys Power Editor system.
Facebook lets users include their address, city, neighborhood, and zip code in their profile data, but its not clear that many people reveal such detailed location information.
The ad-style requests allowed them to click to choose the city displayed, or pick another one.Over the past few months Facebook has been showing sidebar modules asking users to confirm which of several zip codes they are closest to or live within.Sun Microsystems (now relocated) 1 Network Drive.Businesses with multiple franchises in a single city could advertise for specific branches.My comment is, finally!Zip code targeting will make Facebook Ads more useful to many verticals, including local politicians as Politico points out.

TRW (now Lockheed Martin) 1 Space Way.
Several other targeting options are also being tested, including suggestions of broad category targets based on selected precise interest en la orilla chirbes pdf keyword targets, and the ability to target a previously used strings of Liked Pages.
For instance, Google allows advertisers to simulate voting district targeting by creating a custom targeted region using a map tool.
Businesses that have many competitors in big cities in which customers choose where to go based on whats closest could use the tool to make sure those nearby know about them.An employee tells us that the campus was originally slated to be addressed 1 Social Circle, but Google and its Circles friend lists led that named to be scrapped.It should combine this outreach with education that increases the likelihood of new advertisers running a successful first campaign.They warcraft 1.24 d patch can then enter one or more zip codes to target users who live in any of those areas.Facebook introduced zip code targeting yesterday.Advertisers can now target ads including Sponsored Story campaigns down to the zip code level throughout the.S, said a Facebook spokesperson.