ut3 pc patch 1.3

Fixed network vulnerability.
Vipers can no longer be driven around underwater if entered while underwater - they pop all in one keylogger 3.1 cracked snd zip up out of the water, even if deep.
Fixed announcements not playing properly in WAR-MarketDistrict during the campaign.
Fixed cases where GameSettings cache in the GameInfo wasn't properly getting null'd out on DestroyOnlineGame.Added cut/copy/paste support to the console.Fixed giving proper suicide stat credit for certain environmental suicides.Fixed Krall portrait.Fixed bug with PlayerID bule ant supertooth manual being reused for bots after a seamless travel.Fixed low gore clients seeing gibbed players as headless if playing on full gore server.Fixed erroneous "connection failed" error when performing non-seamless travelling.Fixed Hoverboard script warnings and possible crash if hoverboard fails to spawn.Deployables can no longer be deployed onto hover/flying vehicles.Fixed leading vote count indicator when map canfield mirror software support voting underway.

InitialVoteDelay: Delays the enabling of map voting for this many seconds - Fixed History being saved for servers joined via cmdline and console.
Improved impact hammer.
Improved the turret controls on the rail turret with analog controller.Sorry, this file is not yet available for download).Increased tracked turret net priority.Fixed big head mutator head scaling popping out at distance.Improved bot hoverboard.Fixed "missing required file for demo playback" error message.