the guild 2 renaissance patch 4.17

All mine-upgrades are quite expensive.
größe 13 MB, downloads 4607.
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Getestet funktioniert, patch.163b - released am - KI kauft jetzt Windmühlen und Obstgärten auf allen Karten ungetestet - Problem mit Icon bei Lösegeld forderung behoben getestet funktioniert - Ein Jahr pro Runde auch im MP getestet funktioniert Patch.162b - released am - Patienten.
Not only does it provide objective based rules, there is a sandbox to try out new things for single andBottom-Line, i would only and very much recommend this game to anyone who looks for an RTS that isn't trendy.This is the first game I've tried of the series, so I can't compare/contrast of the others, but I have to say its a good play.Die Gilde 2: Renaissance - Patch.15.17b (beta).Therefore we developed a workaround, which should work in most of the cases.Are now dependent on the difficulty - when crashing into each other, one cart could stop his movement - office sessions could get stuck - you can again take credits at the guildhouse - Using the measure "Quacksalver" could cause problems with the AI, because.Start Using Premium Download, premium Download will give you Unlimited Downloads, Better Speed, No Waiting Time.Any game nearing 100 hours of enjoyable/challenging experience is no doubt in my opinion is something to definitely try out!Employees who get fired will now be resetted.

Einstellung wird gespeichert funktioniert, aber es kann Probleme im Menü nach einem Neustart geben.
The measure "Curse building" is now much more likely to succeed if you have a high "secret knowledge" skill - We fixed an exploit, that allowed to hire henchmen and sell their stuff to make high profits.
Weekly Subscription.95/week, link your m account to Premium Download.
Characters who have been banished now will leave buildings when their time runs out, so that the guards can do their duty.Fixed a random bug with town guards, which escorted you forever - The AI gets a new measure which will prevent them from going bankrupt (depending on difficulty setting) - Probability of black death, the ratboy, etc.other * - Vienna now is "Small Town" - Pressburg had two blackboards - You can now enter the guildhalls in Vienna and Pressburg again - Vienna-Map: Completely reworked pathfinding - Hannover-Map: Completely reworked pathfinding - Resources on Hannover should not collapse anymore.Thesis papers had a much higher range if you used it via cutscene - Fixed a small bug with the mine guards - Fixed a small bug with the royal guards.Patch o numerze.21 do gry.