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In the north and northeast, its major partner was Hindi (along with its closest sibling languages, Urdu, Gujarati and Punjabi).O.e., IOA (Indian Olympic Association)., IOC (Indian Olympic Committee).e., IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).el, IPL (Indian Premier League) (Cricket)., IPS (Indian Police Service: 1860-).ef., ipkf (Indian Peace-Keeping Force).e.aaee., ippai (Independent Power Producers Association of India)., IPC (Indian Penal Code: 1860-).It could quickly clean all history of your web browsing and computer use permanently.Resident, Ambassador (British representative to an Indian State or kingdom) jublee, f, Jubilee; DaaimaND jublee, f, Diamond Jubilee Queen Victoria mejar janral, major general; janral, general; brigaDiyar, brigadier; karnal, m, colonel; kapTaan, captain; * Chapter.As described below, Hindi was declared the first official language of the Republic of India, with provisions for English to be kept as an official national language for official purposes only for 15 years (until 1965).Sample: kameNT, comment koee kameNT naheeN, No comment.

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This was shot way back 1999, as an entry for our school project in college.
Even since Indian Independence in 1947, familiarity with the sound and (on public signs) the look of English, as well as the amount of English loanwords used in Hindi and other Indian and subcontinental languages, has greatly increased.
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