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The full TS CAL certificate was granted at connection time, before the logon screen even popped.
Terminal Services License Server The Terminal add ins for word 2007 pdf Services license server is a standard Windows 2003 server with the Terminal Server Licensing Service installed.
Lsview is a GUI-based tool that brain games for dummies pdf is run on a Terminal Server.
Windows.0 domain.(Which is why even if your Windows XP workstations qualify for free Windows 2003 TS CALs, you have to obtain TS Devices CALs from Microsofttheyre not automatically built.) Temporary Licenses.In this case, rather than specifying a new registry value and then entering data, you have to create a new registry key (or folder).If license servers are found, the Terminal Server keeps a list of them in its registry.Dll please note that its protected by Windows File Protection so you need to replace it in the following order: Replace termsrv.For example, after day 88, the client devices temporary TS CAL certificate will expire in 2 days, but the license server is tracking the expiration of the full TS CAL that was originally granted for 89 days.This can be accomplished by using the Reactivate Server option from the action menu in the Terminal Services Licensing Manager.

Remember from the previous section that Windows 2003 Terminal Servers do not support the use of built-in licenses.
If you have a 5000-user Active Directory environment with a few Terminal Servers that provide applications for 300 users, then youll need 5000 Windows Server CALs and 300 Terminal Server CALs.
The only problem was that it was so late in the game that Microsoft didnt have time to build the per user technical license compliance infrastructure (although you can bet well see it in future versions of Windows).
It then follows that user no matter which server he logs on to and no matter which client device he logs on from.
One license is assigned to each specific client device.Because there are so many different ways that applications can be licensed, its impossible go into specifics here.After the grace period ends, unlicensed client device connections are refused.There are only a few tasks youll need to know about: Adding new licenses to the license pool.Unlike Windows 2000, Windows 2003 license servers do not have to be activated to hand out 90-day temporary TS CALs.After the upgrade to Windows 2003, youll need to reactivate your license server, just as if you had installed a new license server.For example, Windows 2000 Professional workstations did not require purchase of a TS CAL to connect to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server since Windows 2000 client devices had the right to obtain a free Windows 2000 TS CAL.