spiderman 1 french pc game

All spiders and prisoners: Submitted by: ishwar Use a text editor to edit the "game number" file in the "spider-man 2system" folder that corresponds to your saved game.
Before entering the case you must have few health.
Go near Puma and keep beeting.Stop L-Click and Press space when he attacks.Try doing that so you can smash your oppenent below you.Hints and Tips for: Spider-Man 2 - The Game, spider-Man service manual braun 8585 2 - The Game, cheat Codes.Don't Go Puma far.Just Go near Puma and press L-Click repeatly after some time it run far from You.Whr, currentLevel2, levelComplete01, levelComplete11 (default LevelComplete0o make 1) (default will be :LevelComplete1o, levelComplete10 make it has 1) (If u want save as i).This will give you 1000 hit points 10x the standard.Kill Puma: Submited by: Aninda Das I have found a easiest policy to kill puma.Level 6:Subway Peril MapWharf_Train.From the game's direction to Spider-Man's destiny, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows puts control in your hands.

And when your Spidey sense tingles you jump and get between another vagon nearly Doc Octopus.
Thankfully, this doesn't effect enemy forces.
In the final of the process you will get out of the train with 100 of your life!This is useful when you face Puma.As many times he shot at you he never will catch you!If any problem during play E-mail me at Hint: - Submitted by: Prabigyan N In the time when you have to face mysterio you just have to through boulders but it is not so necessay in the second city block when he flees from first.Submitted by: Bangalore Shrihara, this needs editing "game*.ini" file.Level 7: Final Battle MapWharf_Warehouse.I baldwin organ repair manual hate video games, tried the PS2, bought over a dozen games, gave it all away.Wnen you saw "!" mark above his head.Whr CurrentLevel6 LevelComplete01 LevelComplete11 LevelComplete21 LevelComplete31 LevelComplete41 LevelComplete51 CurrentLevel6 (If u want save as i).Save it and play the game with all prisoners and spiders.