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Defeating Calypso This is only applicable if you have already purchased the Fight Arena and unlocked the Boss Battle mode.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a paid and fun Action Adventure game.
You will see little gold dots on top of the buildings.Enter the warehouse through the large bay doors.Anger Manager award, stop 25 road rages to get the Anger Manager award.Itll take web-heads all of two seconds to see where this is going, but it takes the game eight excruciating hours of shallow combat and swinging around the husk of New York to reach its predictable conclusion.More Action Adventure Games to Consider.When you have safely rescued the two falling reporters, go back to the balcony on the right.Using it earns the Speed Freak award.

Spider-man creator Stan Lee puts in a good cameo as the owner of a comic book shop that Parker can visit to read unlockable issues, view concept art, figurines, and engage in combat challenges.
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Towering Explorer award Collect all Skyscraper Tokens to get the Towering Explorer award.But then i got an xbox and i have completely ditched pc gaming.Just use a simple punch attack to destroy.The pc version is rated for everyone, while the console is rated for teens.You can do this with the construction worker that you were supposed to "save" from falling off of the building, but when you land you will just roll and the construction worker will not be affected.