solution manual fluid mechanics

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2.3 A vertical clean glass piezometer tube has an inside diameter of.
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(b)Ans 2683 lbf/ft.2 For the stress field of Fig.Solution: The function of and Y must have velocity units.Arrange this into a dimensionless relation between ttr and.(a) (b) If we swing the pendulum on the moon at the same 20, we may use city guide 7 windows ce crack similarity: 1/21/21/2221121g9.81 m/s1.62 m/sT(2.04 s)6.39 T,L1.0.3 mor: (b)Ans.Thus aca b cb32L MMC f(,Y or C const Y, or:LT LT Solve for a b 1/2 and c 1/2, or: Ans.P2.1, change the known data to xx 2000 psf, yy 3000 psf, and n(AA) 2500 psf.Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

List the dimensions, from Table.1: ML T MLT LT okUT Four dimensions, four variables (MLT) perfect for making a pi group.
6.49 m Then, with h known, we can evaluate the pressure at gage B: Bp (6.49.80) 251000 Pa (b)Ans.251 kPa.22 The fuel gage for an auto gas tank reads proportional to the bottom gage pressure as in Fig.
Its drag force is to be tested in on a one-seventh-scale model in a wind tunnel at 150 mi/h and at 20C and 1 atm.To have in the numerator and g in the denominator, we need the combination: a b ccab LStgU D TLT LTL T;M/L;T/ML;L322tER 1/52/511/5 2/5constant, thus.P2.36 Solution: Proceed hydrostatically from the oil surface to the slanted tube surface: aaor: sin0.4225, solvep.8(9790.5) 9790(0.5) 9790(2.13sin ) p, 25 Ans.(c) Is there anything surprising about your result to part (b)?For a rise h h, a volume ( /4)d2h of water leaves reservoir (a decreasing L by h(d/D)2, and an identical volume of oil enters reservoir (b increasing H by the same amount h(d/D)2.Suppose the oil-water interface on the right moves up a distance.(6.2 based upon the diameter and average velocity.This gives the freebody shown at right.32TgLqL fcnkT.32 A weir is an obstruction in a channel flow which can be calibrated to measure the flow rate, as in Fig.