shop manual 1995 buick riveria

Buick Motor Division of, general Motors Corporation.
Box 261218, denver, CO fax.
They are case sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as they appear.
(If you already have J 38197, it is necessary to only order the J 38197-MOD).
This dimple aids in the alignment of J 38197-2 and also identifies the crankshaft key location in relation to the slot in the crankshaft balancer.Be advised that the procedure used to service the crankshaft balancer has been revised.The special tool (J 38197) and the service procedure used to service the previous design crankshaft balancer have not been revised.To make this change, GM engineers required that the piston connecting rods be shortened 1 (25 mm and to redesign the crankshaft.For details click here.GM engineers realized that the 3800 would still need a balance shaft to make it suitable for the upscale FWD cars later.

Refer to the following procedure using ace mega codecs pack windows 7 (J 38197-MOD) for the revised design crankshaft balancer.
Drill an access hole using a drill in the proper location.
That was to allow GM to machine it on the same line as their V8 with common tooling.While that was fine for the 1960s, it wasnt good enough in the 70s and in 1977, Buick split the crank pins to make it into an even-fire motor with smother performance.According to GM, there has been a running design change in the crankshaft balancer.Owners Association is independent and not affiliated with general motors corporation or its buick motors.Membership card and one BCA decal (new members only).Villa Riviera was on display at our 2016 Annual meet and featured in our Jan/Feb 2017 Riview.IN THE news, a 67 GS owned by member Jerry Michaels, previous featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 Riview was featured in his local newspaper along with a video.First, lubricate the crankshaft and the inside of the balancer with clean engine oil.