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Hartland - Hartland Golf Range all marvel games pc - Patrons of this Driving Range continuously report a mysterious return and re-appearance of their Hit Balls.
A student was up there with his girlfriend and fell down the stairs and died.
Warren - Miller Park - a girl is seen frequently around the park after you see her for about 10 seconds, she vanishes.
The subdivision was formed in 1957.One night after closing, they were in the main theater sweeping the leftover popcorn into piles on the floor.Also many police reports have been done on the sighting of people standing by the road.Rochester - Denise's Hair Cuts - When you go to the top of the stair case you will hear foot steps coming up the stairs but no one will be there.Chairs move away from the tables by themselves.By the end of the week, a member of the investigating team disappeared and had not been found until two months later.He gritted his teeth, unplugged it, and wrapped the cord around.Whispers and screams have been heard.They looked like thcse swinging doors from old western movies.Many people claim to see a light come out of river and chase their vehicle to the end of the road, if they stop at the center of the bridge at night.- November 2003 Update: the road has been reconfigured in that area and that.Mackinac Island - Bois Balnc Island - near Mackinac, is supposed to be haunted.The next morning they are back on the top shelves.

Also throughout the hall, things have come up missing but shown up in photographs, the elevator has opened and no one has been.
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There is also a young woman wearing a long dress that you can sometimes see in the mall parking lot across the street.Recent reports from members of the community theatre now occupying the theatre have reported many props, sets and paint cans that have been moved into strange formations during the night and many shadows dart around the darkened stage at shows end.Reinke) was standing in her kitchen putting away groceries, and looked up and saw twin daughters (around 6 years old) holding hands and walking toward her.No one know why.Seconds later 3 metal hotel pans fell off a shelf causing a he racket.This is only to name a few.The story is she was walking to work at the.A hospital and was murdered by a man that left her for dead on the side of the road.Said to have been returning home from a party when their home was destroyed by fire.Detroit - Jefferson.