seinfeld kramer patch over eye

Kramer decides that he needs a spb weather 2 1 0 key new look and goes with an eye patch.
Because the patch covers one eye, Kramer cannot rely on binocular (two-eye) depth cues. .
It aired on January 26, 1995.
Of course, the cop isn't paying attention and the scofflaw gets away.Kramer calls a litterbug who threw garbage out of his car a "pig but happens to do so right behind a cop.The cop reveals a story about a brown Dodge sedan that has become his "white whale" - the scofflaw has racked up more parking tickets than anyone in New York and that he almost nailed him until Kramer made his remark.Jerry tells George he knew about Gary's cancer counter strike xtreme v6 cheats but swore not to tell because George cannot keep secrets; George has no ".George crashes his car while trying to avoid hitting the man who sold his glasses to Elaine who blindly walked across the street.While monocular cues are useful, they generally cannot provide the precise information that binocular cues. .Luckily, Kramer can still depend on monocular depth cues, which only require one eye. .

elaine had a bad break up with writer Jake Jarmel; Kramer has seen him on TV and wants a pair of unique eyeglasses just like his.
George is driving John Voight's car the Mom Pop Store with Debby, a mutual friend of his and Gary's.
but has problems seeing.Newman is in fact the infamous scofflaw.George runs into Gary Fogel, a man who was having cancer and decided not to tell him.The Scofflaw " is the 99th episode of the.The cop turns and confronts Kramer, believing that Kramer called him a pig, which distracts him from giving a parking ticket to a car, which then flees.See more » Goofs When Kramer is explaining to the policeman that he was yelling at somebody else, the boom mic is shortly visible on the top right.Elaine gives her new glasses.Jerry and George discuss the toupee.The police officer is distracted by the accident and loses his white whale once again, and Kramer witnesses that.Show detailed company contact information on, iMDbPro technical Specs, runtime: 23 min, sound Mix: Stereo.