s10 v8 swap manual transmission

JTR has tested four different aftermarket custom-built radiators, with moderate success, but found that the 85-89 Corvette HD radiator is the best at cooling a V-8 S-truck.
A inch may not sound like much, but JTR claims it makes a huge difference in cooling effectiveness because the engine-driven fan can have more pitch, which increases airflow through the radiator.
Its not as simple to adapt to the S-10, but its strong, light, and has well-placed ratios.
One of the most prolific we found is Lees High Tech Trucks in Pinellas Park, Florida.
Automatic transmission installations (TH350, 700R-4, 4L60E TH400 There are (4) types of automatic transmissions that can be used for both 2WD 4WD models: the TH350, 700R-4 (4L60 4L60E, and TH400; the TH350 being the most popular choice transmission with the 700R-4 and 4L60 being close.This aluminum radiator features plastic side tanks and is quite similar to the stock radiator used in all 87 and newer S-trucks, which is why it fits and cools so well.The manifold numbers are GM Part.2WD transmission options and conversion part numbers.

And finally, not all headers in these kits are 50-state smog legal, so watch for warnings on the application charts.
Our kit comes complete with a internal release bearing, pilot bushing, and hardware. .
715680, for vehicles without a console.
Stealth Conversions manufactures its own V-8 engine km player latest version mounts for both two- and four-wheel-drive swaps.Make sure that the lever is parallel to the firewall after the modifications have been performed.Four-wheel-drive S-trucks can be improved after the swap by installing aftermarket shock absorbers and tightening the factory front torsion bars to reestablish the correct ride height.Thankfully, the V-8 power Gods are watching over the Chevy faithful and have provided a way to snap a small-block into these trucks to make them run with the best of their big brothers.For more information, refer to the Transmission subheading in the General Information section of this manual.The 87-93 S-truck rubber isolators can be used with the Stealth Conversions brackets to secure the radiator in the forward position.Instead, the experts recommend using the NV3500 five-speed that backed 90-and-later.3L S-10s.