russian sks manual breakdown

Description: SKS carbines have been fitted with two different styles of bayonet.
Again remain conscious of muzzle position.
This includes bayonet, collett, spring and screw.
History of the SKS, the concept of the assault rifle began with the Soviets in the early 1900's.
When finished firing, lock back the bolt and always engage the safety before unloading unused shells.Attach the bore brush to the cleaning rod.The gas piston can now be pulled out of the gas tube/Handguard assembly.Piston return spring.Includes Collet, spring and screw.00, p-SKS-9C, handguard Ferrule Pins QTY 2 SKS Rifles.

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Its removal for field maintenance takes less than three seconds.
Latch spring and sear spring.With right hand hold rear of receiver assembly tightly against table with screwdriver or punch.Metal is very good overall.Instructions for Unloading: (always remain conscious OF muzzle position!).The gas cylinder is an integral part of the handguard and contains the piston rod.Pivot the bayonet until it locks in the extended position.Firing pin retainer.