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Its safe to say that conspiracy theories are officially mainstream.With the image of Luciano Moggi, master of catholic moral, we close the last episode of our investigation about the money of the church.Mannoia wasnt one of secondary importance.Giancarlo Galli commented: A golden managerial law says that in case of conflict between a superior and a subordinate, the latter would give.But as it appeared, that shade disappeared.The fact is that the biggest share of the mother of all kickbacks, precisely 108 billion lire in Treasury Bonds, transited through the IOR.From those connected with the politicians to the massacres of the two best and honest Sicilian prosecutors in 1993 and from the recent illegal attempts to buy banks illegally to the recent Soccer League scandal.

Translation, the Istituto Opere Religiose (IOR) is the Vatican bank.
The second episode, even darker, dates back to the mid-nineties, during the mafia trial to Marcello DellUtri.
No Italian authority has ever started an investigation to ascertain the economic weight of the Vatican in its host country.
Only in one instance there were no proceedings to ascertain the facts, which is the one about the IOR.The most ubiquitous theory was that it had something to do with Russia because of the color red.We only know that the coffers and the caveau of the IOR have never been so full and that deposits continue to flow, encouraged from 12 yearly interest rates or even higher.Thanks for the memories internet.Palaia, the black funds of Gea, the society of mediation run.The Vatican bank offers to its current account holders, among whom, as once stated by its President Angelo Aloia, some people who had problems with justice, interest rates superior to the best hedge funds and one valueless advantage: total secrecy.The contrast between Caloia and De Bonis, the latter theoretically an underling, were frequent and very harsh.Through this eye of a needle pass immense and often obscure fortunes.The IORs secrets will remain perhaps for ever buried in the case-tower.Place your bets now!