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Gran Turismo 6 svm zpsobem je ekvivalentem neuchopitelnosti, koatosti a nevyhnutelné nedokonalosti lidského ivota.
Yep, 2013 will no doubt go down in idm 5.18 beta patch history as one of the best years in gaming.
Seriously, we can't.
I therefore cant help but worry that history is about to repeat itself, as Polyphony are once again in danger of languishing behind the competition with outdated game features.Dalo by se to omluvit jízdním modelem jako kdysi.Something that can't be described?Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.On the following pages, you'll find the games we've deemed to be the 25 absolute best of the entire year, leading up to our Game of the Year winner.A nejlepí závodní hrou roku 2013 podle redakce se stává.LocoCycle has also been confirmed to be playable on the show-floor for Xbox One.Now, after hours of debating and numerous rounds of real-life Mortal Kombat, we've finally decided on the best of the best that 2013 had to offer.

Of course, there's always been bickering between the two rival franchise, but there's a significant difference this time: FM5 will benefit from being a shiny next gen title on Xbox One, whereas GT6 is still clinging to the PS3.
Gran Turismo 6 chvíli milujeme, chvíli nenávidíme.
DmC: Devil May Cry -are a double-edged sword.
Indeed, watching two cars tussling through an enclosed street circuit coupled with some out-of-place overenthusiastic commentary reminded me more of Project Gotham Racing rather than Forza Motorsport which is rather apt since PGR5 is also still rumoured to be in development.In particular, Codemasters has chosen to increase the variations of F1 2013, especially with the Scenario and Classics modes, the latter also able to modify the driving model giving the simulator size a more retro feel.Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon's ghost-busting action still played great, as the search for ghosts and other secrets throughout five creeky old houses was expertly paced to work on a handheld.There are no ambiguous moral choices to be found here.Project cars sice pomalu, ale velmi aktivn mí k finálnímu buildu, schopn vypadá.Admittedly I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by Rivals when it was first unveiled, but on closer inspection there's plenty to get excited about.Just you, Keith David, and your Dubstep Gun.