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However, for most users these techniques are just too arcane, and a mistake could cause serious trouble.
What can you do?
Do be sure to choose a password recovery tool, not a password reset tool.
However, since aspnet isapi dll reported any user with Administrator-level privileges can change the main Administrator password, there's no big benefit to doing.Be Prepared, Part Two, suppose you weren't prepared; suppose that disgruntled ex-employee had an Administrator-level account and changed the passwords for all Administrator-level accounts (yes, he could do that).Free tools are also available, though you'll want to check reviews before making a choice.Business ownerslaid off anyone lately?Of course, you can only do that if you already prepared the reset disk, so do that right now.Set all the user accounts to Standard except for one Administrator account that only you can access.

If the user encrypted any files using Windows's built-in Encrypting File System, resetting the password will make those files inaccessible.
If you've got the skills to perform these tricky password reset techniques, you can surely find full details on the Internet.
Yes, by tweaking the Registry you can put Administrator on the Welcome screen.
When you boot from the Windows 7 DVD and choose "Repair it boots into Windows.Or suppose your dear uncle has simply forgotten his password from one day to the next.Yes, Elcomsoft and others offer tools to crack EFS-encrypted files, but you can avoid that potential problem by recovering rather than resetting the password.Once that's done, you can press Shift five times at the Welcome screen to invoke StickyKeys.Follow the prompts to create a bootable diskette or USB drive that will let you reset your password.Another trick involves temporarily replacing the program file for Window's "StickyKeys" feature with CMD.