null stern hotel sevelen

Guests are invited to sleep under the stars in this open-air hotel, which is located 6,463 feet above sea level in the mountains of Graubünden.
The only manual de procedimientos organizacion y metodos view of the outside world it would offer would be from the monitors in the lobby and only lucky few would get to shower in warm water.
They gave it zero star rating so as not to limit themselves on what the place is offering.
Patrik and, frank Riklin, who are now managers of the hotel.
There are several reasons for that.Created in 2008 in a nuclear bunker in the Swiis town of Sevelen under the tag line the first zero star hotel in the world, the concept evolved to gain its current identity in 2009 in Teufen under the brand Null Stern the only star.For more information or to make a reservation check out the.The decision will be made at a town meeting in November.Facing the biggest creative challenge of their lives, Frank and Patrik Riklin were not deterred and an idea of a zero star hotel was born.But most of all its cheap!Null Stern Hotel in Sevelen Offers Budget Accommodation.According to the press release from April 20, 2009, Null Stern Hotel will officially open on June 5th, 2009.We dont know why they get earplugs.

The bunker is not yet a hotel, it lacks the necessary full approval to open.
It was not so long ago when worlds first 7 star hotel (Burj Al Arab repair pro service manual in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) opened for public and now were seeing the opposite end of it with Null Stern Hotel.
A pair of earplugs to help blot out the ventilation system noise will also be complimentary.
Null stern actually means zero star, which is a little relieving.HotelYouWant - the Most Unique, Exclusive and Unusual Hotels of the World.The accommodations in the military air raid shelter are down to the absolute basics; a bed, washroom, bedside tables and lights.If you can read German, here you.If not, come back tomorrow on m and see what's new.Plus, if you are one of the people who are brave enough to go there, a pair of head-sets is a must if you dont want to hear the very disturbing ventilation system.