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2.) Auto ISO is still partially defective in manual exposure mode.I'll be taking my F6 with me on trips from now on simply because I can use the same controls and accessories (most notably the same battery as the D2 series, at least if you've got the optional grip).Is it a magic sensor, magic firmware keyed to the specific lens (sorry 3rd party lens users) or is it clever firmware that looks for odd fringes on any image?Battery life is potentially an issue, and the menu system and rear LCD could use a face lift, but that's about it in terms of significant negatives.

The weakest point in digital capture, even in Hollywood's 250,000 digital cinema cameras which still can't replace film, has been that colored highlights, like sunsets, foreheads and bright stucco walls, turn into bands of weird colors as they wash out to white.
More Pages of My windows 8 1 crack 32bit D300 Review This review consists of dozens of pages about the D300.
In addition, because of rapid advances in electronics, the brands continually leap frogged each other with models having new or more automatic features.
If you haven't used a D2h the new autofocus options will at first confuse you (may I suggest my F6 book?
IX Nikkor lenses (1996 for Nikon's.7 Times the Battery Life of the D200, and 3 Times the Battery Life of the D300!Butkus library of camera instruction manuals.The Nikon D3X, the Nikon for landscapes and portraits, doesn't exist.I forgot once, and the D3 was alternately writing to the other CF card!