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The tool provides examiners and analysts with reports of, and capability to, query the network traffic captured.
Frontline will display the results in a generated report.Trident Pro 4 Wave Software Trident Pro uses dtSearch from dtSearch Corporation to provide email de-duplication, keyword matching and exclusion, file de-duplication and nsrl matching, and file keyword matching/exclusion.Gargoyle maps detected files to associated weapons, and classifies them into a category of malware when found. The Falcon can simultaneously perform multiple imaging tasks from one or two drives to multiple output drives in different formats.Windows 8 esetén használjátok a Kompatibilitás módot a telepítn!Anjp reads ntfs MFT, Journal, and Log file information to detect when files were created, removed, or changed and if certain anti-forensic techniques were employed on a system to attempt to hide files.

Cert CC VMWare Tools.3 cert/CC VMWare, Inc.
It can compare files as well as a file with a checksum-string.
NetClean Analyze.3.1 NetClean NetClean Analyze is specially designed for law enforcement agencies working in digital media investigations related to crimes against children.Aid4Mail.6, fookes Software Ltd.Gargoyle Investigator Forensic Pro WetStone Technologies Gargoyle Investigator Forensic Pro is used to collect and organize the information regarding the contents of a suspect's computer or image of suspect's computer.MC S IPP Automation dm portrait pro 10.0 crack 4shared EnScript Revision 76 DC3/dcci MC S IPP Automation Enscript was written to automate and standardize the initial procedures and protocols that are conducted at the beginning of each MC S case.Pandora.4.0 Carnegie Mellon University Pandora will unpack many packed files automatically with no intervention from the user.Wireshark.0.4 Gerald Combs Wireshark, formally know as Ethereal, is a network packet analyzer developed originally by Gerald Combs.Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC) Michael.