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Haldane who appeals to a similar line of reasoning.
Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion.
Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) was one of the intellectual giants of the twentieth century and arguably one of the most influential writers of his day.A supernatural event would be one that is not traceable, even in principle, solely to materially determined causes within our Universe.Sus contribuciones a la crítica literaria, literatura infantil, literatura fantástica y teología popular le trajeron fama y aclamación a nivel internacional.They say that God became Man.But if they dont show you any moral, dont put one.Lewis was famous both as a fiction writer and as a Christian thinker, and his biographers and critics sometimes divide his personality in two: the storyteller and the moral educator, the dreamer and the mentor.Lewis will be among the angels.It tells the story of his friendship with, and then marriage to, an American divorcee named Joy Davidman (played by Debra Winger who died of cancer four years after their marriage.Lewis continued to write about Christianity, as well as literature and literary criticism, for several more years.Yet a large part of Lewiss appeal, for both his audiences, lay in his ability to fuse imagination with instruction.He accuses modern historians and scientific thinkers, particularly secular Bible scholars, of begging the question against miracles, insisting that modern disbelief in miracles is a cultural bias thrust upon the historical record and is not derivable from.His most distinguished and popular accomplishments include Mere Christianity, Out of the Silent Planet, The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and the universally acknowledged classics The Chronicles of Narnia.

Years after that image first formed in his mind, others bubbled up to join it, producing what Kate Jackson, writing in Salon, called a fascinating attempt to compress an almost druidic reverence for wild nature, Arthurian romance, Germanic folklore, the courtly poetry of Renaissance England.
Supernaturalists believe that interruptions or interferences can take place in this system of our Universe from some other system outside.
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Let the pictures tell you their own moral, he once advised writers of childrens stories.
Alvin Plantinga have expanded on the "Argument from reason" and credit Lewis with first bringing the argument to light.Thus easily can Earth digest A cinder of sidereal fire, And make her translunary guest The native of an English shire.I know that it is greatly needed and will be sincerely appreciated.Lewis shows that a Christian must not only accept but rejoice in miracles as a testimony of the unique personal involvement of God in creation.Lewis makes a case for the reality of miracles by presenting the position that something more than nature, a supernatural world, may exist, including a benevolent creator likely to intervene in reality after creation.