manual probe insertion device

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In rare cases, for example if microvasculature is disrupted during implantation a small hemorrhage which may not be detected by CT scanning can occur.
T-Wave probes offer low insertion loss, as well as excellent probe tip and sample visibility.
Use care in removing the probe and the parenteral probe guide from the patient to avoid damaging tissues.In order to make accurate and repeatable measurements above 500 GHz, probe placement errors need to be less than 1 m, and this is challenging to achieve with conventional manual probe stations and positioners.Cables, including extension cables, with damaged isolation jacketing must not be used.T-Wave probes are millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength on-wafer ground-signal-ground probes for electrical measurement of devices and materials with frequencies from 140 GHz.1 THz.

Contraindications: This device is not intended for any use other than that indicated.
This applies in particular to probes, cables and the power supply.
Use of the wrong smart card can cause measurement errors.
The T-Wave probe has been validated on our.If the probe is bent upon itself, the oxygen reading will be interrupted until the catheter position is corrected.Only use the pO2 probe if it has been stored cool at a temperature between 2C and 10C.The actual position of the sensor must be considered for interpretation of data.Do not bend the probe around a radius of curvature of less than.