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An African-American guard that wields a Compact-5 and wears a cap.
Vlad's Hired Hands : The appear on Aftershock, protecting Vlad 's transport trucks.
Yellow swat Description Enemy Type Light ktm 625 smc service manual Tactical Responders Statistics Health 160 (Normal) 160 (Hard) 320 (Very Hard) 480 (Overkill) 960 (Mayhem/Death Wish) 1,440 (One Down) Headshot Multiplier 2 (Normal) 2 (Hard) 4 (Very Hard) 6 (Overkill) 3 (Mayhem/Death Wish) 3 (One Down) v.
" Bain's description Also known as the police officer or street cop, these police officers use either the Chimano 88 pistol, Bronco.44 revolver (as of Update #13 Reinfeld 880 shotgun, or Compact-5 submachine gun.They are all highly trained and drawn from all branches of the world's best militaries." Bain's Description of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team Variant The second type of Rescue Units are armed with Compact-5 SMGs and have the same health as a Blue swat.On lower difficulty levels, street cops appear throughout the first assault wave, but are rarely present afterwards.These guards wear a vest with security written on the back and combat trousers.This is just speculation however, and doesn't explain the police response on a several loud heists.From left to right: FBI Sniper, FBI Assault, FBI Shotgunner, Maximum Force Responder and FBI Shield.

(Pictured) The ballistic vest does not affect his durability.
My Notes: The contracts to bring in these guys will surely take a big damn bite out of my budget but I reckon its worth.
Also on infinite loot heists like Cook Off, White Xmas and Counterfeit law enforcers can take loot off the map, destroying.
Packing the finest GenSec armors - top-secret military-grade compound-polymer stuff even the Bureau could never afford.
There are no on-site command centers or mobile command units to be seen anywhere during dell dimension 4800 user manual an assault, which is an oddity considering the fact that the game features a heavy FBI presence, who in reality are known to make substantial use of such units.They are also colloquially referred to as "Greens" due to their signature green-and-white uniforms.Don't expect them to talk; they've already picked violence as their course of action.The Blue swat represent the first real challenge to the heisters as they employ the use of more advanced tactics such as taking cover and giving suppressing fire.On normal only one Yellow swat will spawn, and only if Shields will spawn which he will accompany.Payday 2 - Russian Gangster"s All Russian Mobster"s.It is a good idea to treat Maximum Force Responders as lesser Bulldozers, and as such the most effective strategy is to aim for their heads with a powerful single shot weapon, such as a M308, Bronco.44, or Deagle.