kentico cms developer's guide

The Document library module enables live site users to upload and manage files stored in a pre-defined location in the content logic express 8 0 mac tree.
To learn how to perform administrative tasks related to polls, please refer to the.
The Kentico CMS API Examples feature provides API examples for creating, getting, updating and deleting objects and for other useful actions that relate to most of Kentico CMS modules.If you would like to learn about the security possibilities of the Polls module, please refer to the.Document library web parts topic.The versioning support is tightly bound with workflow and allows you to store, view and roll back previous versions of the content.Adding a poll to your site topic.If you have the feature installed and have become familiar with its user interface, security and the data it uses, you can choose a particular module and run its API examples.You will need to have the Community Site sample website installed to follow the Community Site Guide.API reference and, aPI examples documentation.A practical example of the use of the Polls module can be found in Kentico CMS Personal Site Guide.Document library files are stored in the content tree as standard le documents.A basic workflow cycle of a document starts in the Edit step, which means the document is newly created or that there are yet unapproved changes in the document.You can let a document go through different steps based on various conditions, you can allow editors to choose which step they want the document to be moved to, or you can set timeouts for automatically moving documents from one step to another.

An author can write an article and send it for approval to an editor, who will make corrections and submit the article to the head of the respective department.
For detailed API documentation, such as a list of all methods from the module classes, please refer to the.
Measure traffic on your site, gather information about its visitors and track their activities.
Document library widget, which is based on the Document library web part.Populate your site with content by creating pages, working with textual and visual content, or inserting widgets on pages.You can see a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a poll to your personal website.Polls in Kentico CMS are customizable and the module supports integration with the built-in.Such a document is no longer displayed on the website, but it's kept in the content tree and can be re-published at any time later.