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Half-past morning on an autumn day.
This continues throughout the recordings of jigs, hornpipes, more reels, and one song which make up the fifteen tracks.
2 The second purchase, dating from the 1850s, is an early Duett concertina (Acq.
Kimbers Juniors music thus gives a fresh and independent take on musical accompaniment, and stands in strong contrast to the frequent rigidity of standard musical fashion.
Harry Litherington, by far the senior member of this concert party, has the typical repertoire of his generation, and immediately recalls Tommy Williamson (of whom much more later).But for how much longer?Two of my favorites: Margaret Knights beautiful rendition of Some Folks who have Grown Old (she accompanies herself on the harp from The Village Coquettes (1836 an operetta by Dickens (libretto) and the musician John Hullah, who would become famous for his reforms in music.In addition to Townsends recording of the Molique Serenade (cited in note 2 there are the two fine CDs by Douglas Rogers (on an instrument dating from 1858 The Great Regondi: Original Compositions by the 19th Centurys Unparalleled Guitarist Concertinist.More than any other player, John is the absolute master of cross-rowing, not just for the tune (many of the Irish players here can be heard doing that but for all aspects of both hands and in keys outside the home rows.This was a glimpse of a vanishing world where this was the norm for concertinas and where a folk tune would only be played if it was in a book arranged for four players (and then it was probably Annie Laurie).Although the Wheatstone sales ledger C1052 (Horniman Museum, London, Wayne Archive which lists sales from to, does not have a notice for this particular instrument, we may note the following: (1) an instrument numbered in the 11700s (No.Anglo International immediately starts a discussion of who should be there but isnt and who should go to make room for them.

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Er ging für zwei Jahre nach.This is another example, like Folk Rock, of the glorious jewel that is the peoples music being abused, exploited, and immolated on the Altar of Mammon.Niall Vallely is a player of exceptional technical ability and comes from a family firmly rooted and active in Traditional Irish music and with a number of notable players.Atlas, The Wheatstone English Concertina in Victorian England (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996.This is precise, practised playing, finely controlled and vibrant with interest.A recent resurrection has seen a few ambitious projects of which This Label is Not Removable is a retrospective of the first twenty-five years.Traditional musicians are often not great technicians; their quality lies in the fine-tuning of their music within the parameters of their technical ability, with a result that can be quite rudimentary, but polished to perfection.I remember my first ICA meetings back in the 1970s when it was all English system, music stands, and formal arrangements.