humane society foster care manual

Once you become a foster parent, we ask that you try to foster at least once every six months.
The staff at our, second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital is responsible for the medical care of your foster animal; therefore, you must call our Second Chance staff right away if a problem arises.
If your foster assignment requires more than two weeks of time, you may introduce your foster animal to your own pets, unless there are other conditions that would make this practice unsafe.But our foster parents agree that helping save the lives of pets by preparing them to find forever homes is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.Kittens and cats must be kept indoors at all times.Dont foster animals need someone to be with them all of the time?We the game only one often get animals surrendered to us who need a little bit of spiffing up to make them more appealing to potential adopters.What do I do if my foster animal becomes sick, or, if already being treated for sickness or injury, seems to worsen in my care?Does the Arizona Humane Society provide foster volunteers with necessary materials?As a rule,.It typically ranges from a few days to a month or more.When you pick up your foster animal, our foster staff will let you know the estimated length of care your foster animal will likely need.Where do I keep my foster animals?

We provide you with all medicine and medical supplies that your foster will need.
Foster animals are matched with foster parents based on the individual needs of the pet and the experience, preference and availability of foster parents.
You open your heart and your home to an animal who needs your care and attention.Foster stays may be anywhere from two weeks to three months or more.Many of our animals need extra time, treatment and tender loving care that only a Foster transfer books to sony reader home can provide.If you would like to also volunteer your time here at the shelter, please fill out the general volunteer application instead, found here.As long as the animal is medically and behaviorally sound, he or she will be put up for adoption.