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While chasing Dalt the party meets up with two of the Homunculi : Lust and Gluttony whom they defeat.
Ed provkes Lincor to reveal the Philosopher Stone in the bag but Lincor opens the bag and unleashes a giant ultimate Chimera instead.
We also apologize that we were unable to export 's comments, but we were forced to take this step to make the site faster and avoid even more advertisements.For Retro Gaming News, visit: Emulators, extras, follow.About This Game, games You May Like.Sheska has trouble keeping the kittens she has gathered so she gives them to Al after he answers a few Alchemy related questions correctly.He is the one who understands Ed the most and sometimes, he takes the role of calming his older brother.

Infuriated with their name being disgraced again by imposters, the Elrics decide to catch the charlatans.
Suspicious, the party head towards hermit's mansion and learns that the strange man is indeed involved in Chimera's case, but before they can arrest him, they are attacked by a Chimera and the suspect flees.
Ed attacks Lincor who drops a locket which holds his and Corniche's photo.
Once back at the East Headquarters the party learns about an eccentric alcehmist living in a mansion who is assumed to possess skills in body alchemy.
There are 3 types of numbers on the card: mass (left value (right and a roman numeral indicating the number of times the card has been combined.The story comes to an end with Corniche separating from the Elric brothers for her hometown and everyone else settling back their normal lives.Colonel contacts the HQ and learns that the man is named Dalt Daimler and he's heading towards Edward and Alphonse hometown Resembool.Lincor recalls his remaining memories of his mother and feeling that he traded everything for peoples' welfare dies comfortably.Cate Rham: A civilian alchemist.