fieldrunners 2 for pc full version

It's now a case of swapping out all Spark Towers for Nuke Towers that you upgrade to Level three.
With the maze already built, it's now just a matter of converting all towers around the first bridge to Level three Nuke Towers.
Destroying enemy units will award you currency to build more turrents or upgrade the ones you have.
Purchasable items (with in-game coins) give perks, bonuses, rewinds or cause instant devastating damage.Don't forget that you can often deploy single use items on a tightly packed bunch of Fieldrunners to get an easy combo points boost.Also, each combo you get will raise your Airstrike special item by 1 point, the same as completing a round, (so 40 combos will get you a full Airstrike).Fieldrunners successfully defends its tower defense title.Loop the runners over the bridge as per the usual tower layout for this level and by Round 40 you should have enough to swap out a Spark Tower for your first Nuke Tower.These things are equipped with the ability to electrocute, spit out rockets, glue the runners in their place, 1 million serial keys for softwares or fry them like eggs.Did we like it?And thanks to the ever-helpful Steven Serafino (thanks Steve!For the first few rounds focus on using Gatling Guns (Level three) to block off the route to the exit then upgrade them to Level three Spark Towers.

The more units you wipe out in a single attack, the bigger your combo and the bigger your combo score bonus.
Each Airstrike will clear a map of almost all units (Elite Units at full health tend to continue to live, albeit, with very little health left) and knowing how to fill it up fast will help you boost that all-important score even higher.
Don't forget that destroying key units will also trigger off the all-important combos if any other Fieldrunners are in the blast radius.
Fieldrunners isn't a bad game per se, there are just plenty of other tower defence games that do it better (some of which are also mobile ports).
Removing units one at a time will keep your score in the lower end of the leaderboard, but taking out multiple units at the same time will trigger off a combo.Work your Nuke Tower placement so the central area is littered with them, this will prevent the vast majority of units from even making it to the first fire walkway.It's very easy to replicate and we stopped just after round 200 and 5 million points as we could easily have got to round 400 (which would be a lot of video to sit through).It's tower defence at its most basic.Sure, you can unlock new maps and difficulties, but it's still all the same.