family outing episode 15 subs

A guy's sex doll transforms into a real girl and is kidnapped and sold to a sex club!
Original uncut Joe DAmato shark flick in excellent quality!
Easy to follow and lots of fun! .
Twisted, perverted mixing bag of everyone's favorite fairy tales.
Subs K156 Una De Zombis (03) Horror Zombie Gangster Action with plenty of violence - Lots of fun!In French .L.We had offered this before as " Bloodlust" (not the Aussie Vampire flick). .BA 8481 Winter Lily (98) Something's wrong with Lily.See how another country lives! .9617 Voyage into Fear (93) aka: Encounters Spooky ghost thrills on a country estate L222 Voyeur's Perverse (77) aka: Eyes Behind the Wall - John Phillip Law and Fernando Rey star in this obscure oddity.L938 Deadly Inheritance (68) aka: The Killer has Dirty Hands - Family battles over inheritance and starts getting gorily killed one by one in this Giallo.Hardcore Sex Version - Subs Q349 Dark Tower (87) Michael Moriarty, Jenny Agutter, Carol Lynley, Kevin McCarthy and Anne Lockhart - Obscure horror directed by Freddie Francis and Ken Weiderhorn about a haunted skyscraper - With the people involved, you would think it would.7108 Obscene Beast Teacher #4 (96) .L.He learns voodoo in prison.another teen is having sex with an older frustrated housewife.

2004-T219 Para-Psychics (86) 424 Parasite (81) Paul Dean has creted a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach.
Ugliest Woman in the World, The (2000) An incredibly ugly woman uses secret drugs to look beautiful. .
1534 They Came From Within aka: Shivers aka: Orgy of the Blood Parasites (75) The residents of a suburban high-rise apartment building are being infected by a strain of parasites that turn them into mindless, sex-crazed fiends.
Jack the Ripper (76) Nikkatsu twisted, bloody sick fun.L.Subs Q251 Game of Crime, A (65) aka: Crimine A Due - John Drew Barrymore, Lisa Gastoni - Obscure Giallo type, only Fair quality - 4395 Game of Survival transfer books to sony reader aka: Tenement (85) Uncut BA 7543 Game, The (89) A game is devised for the guilty.Killer Tongue (97) In English BA 241 Killers Moon (78) BA 8548 Killers (96) Brutal flick has vicious killers on the loose P139 Killers are Our Guests, The (74) Rare Giallo!BA 2824 Visions (97) lots of naked women in this Italian language giallo P18-3017 Visions of Evil (75) aka: So Sad About Gloria - A young woman just released from a mental hospital moves back in with her family.Here's one in which a deranged serial killer stalks a women who owns a bar.Comedy and Gore combine in this fun Euro-Trash 3943 Mania (86) 4 tales of suspense and death 5215 Maniac (77) Oliver Reed BA 3492 Maniac Killer (76) Eurosleaze, Satanism, and sex with Chuck Connors, Robert Gintry, and Bo Svenson- directed by Andrea Bianchi! .Subs - BA 8458 Murder in a Blue World aka: Clinique of horrors (73) English language print 1745 Murder Mansion (70) Spanish horror Murder Obsession aka: Fear (80) Ricardo Freda slasher uncut .L.