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11 hyperbaton : Two ordinary associated words are detached.
The Dialect Test was developed by Joseph Wright so he could hear the differences of the vowel sounds of a dialect by listening to different people reading the same short passage of text.Antimetabole : A sentence consisting of the repetition of words in successive clauses, but in reverse order.Antonomasia : Substitution of a proper name for a phrase or vice versa aphorism : Briefly phrased, easily memorable statement of a truth or opinion, an adage apologia : Justifying one's actions aporia : Faked or sincere puzzled questioning apophasis : (Invoking) an idea.West Country : The Vicar of Dibley was set in Oxfordshire, and many of the characters had West Country accents.16 epitrope : Initially pretending to agree with an opposing debater or invite one to do something erotema : Synonym for rhetorical question erotesis : Rhetorical question asked in confident expectation of a negative answer euphemism : Substitution of a less offensive or more agreeable.For example: open secret, tragic comedy, exact estimate, original copies, etc.Some dialect words used across the North are listed in extended editions of the Oxford Dictionary with a marker "North England for example, the words ginnell and snicket for specific types of alleyway, the word fettle for to organise, or the use of while.For example: Gold that glitters is not all that not.The programmes of Carla Lane such as The Liver Birds and Bread featured Scouse accents.26 Yod-dropping, as in East Anglia, can be found in some areas where?, for example new as /nu sounding like "noo".Anacoluthon : Transposition of clauses to achieve an unnatural order in a sentence.It is thought the occasional similarities between the Middlesbrough and Liverpool accent may be due to the high number of Irish migration to both areas during the late 1900's infact the 1871 census showed Middlesbrough had the second highest proportion of people from Ireland after.

But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13 Metonymy A metonymy is a figure of speech where one word or phrase is used in place of another.
The ugliest, the most precious synathroesmus : Agglomeration of adjectives to describe something or someone syncope : Omission of parts of a word or phrase symploce : Simultaneous use of anaphora and epistrophe: the repetition of the same word or group of words at the.
5 Examples edit Figures of speech come in many varieties.
Anticlimax An anticlimax as a figure speech refers to the building up a climax that results in something that cannot really be described as a climax.Thanx, rlene alphonse - Jwaala Nair July 28, 2012 these are very easy - crystal June 15, 2012 thanks you have made our assignment easier - Ayomide Moses May 21, 2012 am in love with this.Estuary : athlete Sally Gunnell, the model Jordan (Katie Price).13 hyperbole : Exaggeration of a statement hypozeuxis : Every clause having its own independent subject and predicate hysteron proteron : The inversion of the usual temporal or causal order between two elements isocolon : Use of parallel structures of the same length in successive.Teesside edit The accents for Teesside are sometimes grouped with Yorkshire and sometimes grouped with the North-East of England, for they share characteristics with both.The shows of Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement have often included a variety of regional accents, the most notable being Auf Wiedersehen Pet about Geordie men in Germany.However, the quality of these vowels varies considerably across the region, and this is considered a greater indicator of a speaker's social class than the less stigmatised aspects file axinterop shdocvw dll listed above.Read on to know about figures of speech list.