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Grade 3 Theory from nzmeb, one of ncea Scholarship Music, ncea Standard AS91420 Integrate aural skills into written representation or ncea Standard AS91421 Demonstrate understanding of harmonic and tonal conventions in a range of scores.Grade 5 Theory from Trinity Guildhall, abrsm or ameb.Year 13 students, current Year 13 students can apply for Discretionary Entrance to musc 160 in Trimester.The reing wii virtual console games level of musc 160 is approximately that of Grade 5 Theory from Trinity Guildhall, abrsm or ameb.For enrolment deadlines for each trimester of study, please visit this page.

2017, all documents are PDFs unless otherwise indicated.
Admission to all these courses requires students to have passed one of the following: nzsm diagnostic entrance test in theory (jazz theory test for musc 164 Jazz Theory 1; classical theory test for musc 166 Classical Theory and Musicianship 1).
Depending on your choice of courses and degree, you may be expected to have a certain level of musical theory or ability before starting your course of study.
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The notes to play, to repeat, what is the key signature for the key of F?2015, all documents are PDFs unless otherwise indicated.Course requirements musc 166, at the beginning of musc 166 it is assumed that students have a knowledge of, and quick facility with: major and minor key signatures up to four sharps and four flats transposing tunes in these keys triads and their inversions.Cmpo 101 Introduction to Composition and Sonic Arts and cmpo 130 Instrumentation are compulsory courses for the Composition major. .AP Music Theory Course Description (.pdf/958KB).Sample Responses, student responses to past exam free-response questions are available on AP Central.Sample Questions, youll find sample multiple-choice and free-response questions in the.2011, all documents are PDFs unless otherwise indicated.Explore AP, what It Takes, the AP Experience, aP Your Future.Please look at the admission page for.