docucom pdf driver printing preferences

Added reverting to last view position when re-opening document.
Added export button in toolbar.
Supported dragging items to change order and drag-and-drop files directly into the conversion list.
Gaaiho PDF Driver Release Note.2 (2017/05/08) Bug Fixes and Improvements: Improved precision of converting PDF to JPG.
Added batch-converting images that contain text or scanned PDFs to editable state.Added more signatures and validation settings.Characters wrongly added after file is saved as doc.Added word count in Write mode.After completing these steps, close the folders and follow the normal installation process.Bug Fixes and Optimizations: Improved inserting page number in Write mode.Fixed the display problem of program icon in particular documents.Added error details from time stamp server.

Fixed the error of converting blank Excel or text file that fails without notification.
Exe, the correct MSI must be used to install the software.
Confirm that full control and read are checked off in the "Allow" column.
Release Note.2 (2015/01/28) Bug Fixes and Optimizations: Fixed Windows Resource Manager crash issues under certain circumstances.Registry settings may be incorrect or missing and Registry permissions may be configured to prevent the installation of new printers or printer ports.Open with Gaaiho Doc without save after print to PDF.New portfolio design that simplifies editing.One of the earliest examples of such uses of electronic documents created on your PC was to send directly via a modem connected to the PC as a Facsimile - rather than having to print out and then send via a conventional standalone FAX machine.Header Footers - Added Header Footers option in Write Mode.Compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016.Release Note.0 (2012/11/30) Gaaiho Reader officially release!When deploying the software to a 32-bit machine, the 32-bit MSI must be used for installation, and is typically solutions manual and pdf found in the "System 32Setup" folder of the installation media.