crack a locked ipad

After update iPhone has an activation screen and asks previous owners Apple ID and Password.
Product: iPhone 5S Serial number: 658041klfa5S After reviewing the provided documentation, we unlocked the product.
Thanks for sending the proof of purchase for this product.
What is your ideal job?I am so disappointed this situation.Serial No of my iPhone is 658041klfa5S and imei.Best Regards, I have a problem.Your best friend boyhood name?I have bought the iPhone in liveship traders trilogy epub a shop one week ago and update iOS.0.4 yesterday.I attach photos of the box and the sales receipt.You Must Do It!I can not use my iPhone for 2 days.I dont know Apple ID and Password; I havent communication with him.

Can you help me to disable this function, please?
If you need help, use Contact Apple Support to start your support request online and get connected to an expert.
I have a problem with activation my iPhone.
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