counter strike xtreme v6 cheats

When you are being shot at from far away always crouch to get the target easily.
Get 89 bullets for H K Sniper Rifle.
Fast backward: cl_backwardspeed (enter # between 0 and 999).You'll see the hidden car.At the CT spawn walk down the ramp and shoot the wall, there will be a picture of the map developers wife and child.For example, type bind v "impulse 101" at the console window to bind the "16,000" code to the "V" key.Turn bots into zombie bots.Change to knife.Key binding, to activate codes easier, bind them to keys.Fast Bomb Defuse While defusing a bomb, press TAB key (the key with two arrows).Easter Egg in de_survivor This easter egg can be found while alive.Note if you type any numer between 0-8000 then the gravity will still change depending what number you typed.When you've enough money, buy an IDF Defender and HE Grenade, go to a small place near the helicopter, and then you'll be ended up near CT spot.

Gravity If you decide to use sv_gravity command do not go farther then 2000, because going down a step may kill you, and at 4000, since you start the game in the air and then fall you will die Silence a Weapon To silence.
Get 98 bullets for Scout, buy a Scout, shoot one bullet and reload.
Enables cheats: sv_cheats 1, bots only buy snipers: bot_sniper_only, bots only use knives: bot_knives_only.
Its interface was sap gui patch 10 modified inical, my opinion is that the former was better, if you speak the same story content changes, and the New Skins will too.If you get sick of it, enter this code: -reload, this will disable auto-reload.Finally, enter one of the following codes at the console to activate the corresponding cheat function: Result, cheat Code 16,000 impulse101, arctic sniper rifle give spaceweapon_awp.Get 90 bullets for Usp.45 Pistol.During gameplay access your console (default key is the button).Shoot several times at it and it will explode.Bots dont move: bot_zombie 1, set the bots difficulty level: bot_difficulty.