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StudyBlue is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the academic institution or instructor.Sinex (2005) Exploring Radioactive Decay in Excel: An Interactive Visual Thinking Tool, Using Computers in Chemical Education Newsletter, Fall 2005.Recent publications (many are pdf files) top of page (older publications and citations in Google Scholar ).A.Introductory Chemistry, Chemistry 099A, is a noncredit (for the purpose of tuition, students pay for 3 credits non-lab course intended to prepare students for other chemistry courses, like Chemistry 101. .(includes an Excel tutorial ).High School (pgcps) in Upper Marlboro, MD in November 2009.Upcoming presentations top of page Data toshiba bluetooth stack 8.00 12 crack Model Simulation: Excel Workshop as part of nasa Langley Modeling and Simulation for High School Math Teachers thru Radford University (three days) at nasa Langley in Hampton, VA in July 2017.

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