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Lens carriage reinforced and power simplified, fixing FMV skipping issues.
Comparison of models edit Model: Case: bios: Hardware: Region: A/V Direct Out: Parallel Port: Serial Port: Notes: scph-1000 Original (Grey) Unknown Rev.
Scph-9001.1 ntsc-U/C scph-9002 PAL scph-9003.1 ntsc-J scph-100 PS one (White).3 No Redesigned smaller case.It was unique in that it was the only officially retailed PlayStation with no regional lockout ; it would play games from any territory.The, pS one, released on July 7, 2000, was originally based on essentially the same hardware as the scph-900x; the serial port was removed, the controller / memory card ports moved to the main PCB and the internal power supply replaced with an external.5VDC.Hints, you must convert the format of the saved data to enable the data to be used on a tony hawk pc game full version PSP system.Contents, variants edit, developer's kit PlayStation (PAL a comparison of the scph-1001 (bottom scph-5501 (middle) and scph-9001 (top) models.Motherboard PCB reduced in size.Supports for copying Wii games as well as reading and burning image files from the disc.Region codes edit The last digit of the PlayStation model number denotes the region in which it was sold: 0 is Japan (Japanese boot ROM, ntsc:J region, ntsc Video, 100 V PSU) 1 is USA/Canada (English boot ROM, ntsc:U/C region, ntsc Video, 110 V PSU).Supports for reading.dvd files from the hard disk during the Xbox 360 game copy.This was done to allow developers to burn games to CD-R for testing - a side effect of this was that most debug consoles would also boot discs from other regions (one notable exception being the later ntsc:J debugs, which only boot Japanese titles although.On the PS3 system, select (PlayStationNetwork) (Account Management).Scph-3500.1 scph-5000.2 Rev.

To copy files to Memory Stick media, insert the Memory Stick media into the PSP system.
Supports for various game copy PS3 copy, PS2 copy, Xbox 360 copy, Wii copy and PC copy.
The later revision (still designated as scph-10x, but with a different PM-41(2) main circuit board) was functionally identical, but reduced manufacturing cost by moving to more highly integrated chips (mostly this was the replacement of external RAM with on-chip RAM, which both reduced the parts.
Because this made the two machine types quite significantly different from each other, you had to test your title on both of them before submitting.
Sony also released a version with a 5" LCD screen and an adaptor (though it did not have a battery: it is powered by plugging the adaptor in a main socket, or in a car).The method for copying saved data varies depending on the game type.Sign in to psnsm using the Sony Entertainment Network account that you used to download the game.Scph-5500.0 No CD-ROM drive re-located on right side of CD bay.Burns a game directory from the hard disk to a BD-R or DVD-R during the PS3/PS2 games copy.There were also debugging consoles - these were generally in either blue or green cases, although there were some special production units (mostly intended for use as show demo units) that were grey, the same as the retail consoles.The only real difference is that the CD controller was reprogrammed so that it would identify any disc that had a data track as being "licensed rather than requiring the region code in the lead-in that was present on pressed PlayStation CDs.Hints To perform device activation, you must be logged in to the PS3 system as the same user that was logged in when downloading the PlayStation format software.