asus p5gd1 pro user guide

Undo blacklist for acpi is needed first, since older revisions of this board have bugs in acpi-support.
You can determine your kernel version by entering the following command in a terminal window: uname -a Kernels.6.22 and higher may be configured to use the legacy /proc/acpi/alarm instead of the new rtc wakealarm.
The silicon lottery continues with the new processors.
D/halt, per instructions above.
If the wakeup time is on the next year, the rtc timer doesn't seem to respond well.That can be done using the gnome user GUI.Since the wake-up time given by mythtv to the mythtv wakeup command is in local time, you need to do some bash handling of the obtained time to be able to setup the wakeup time in the bios in UTC (independent of daylight savings time.Otherwise, wakeup happens, but bios time gets reset.Then reboot which windows will ask yu to do anyway, enter the bios and enable ahci for the IDE configuration.You should be able to determine the time format on your machine by inspecting the output of the following command (there are an integer number of hours difference between UTC and local time).Pkendall - September 2007: Works fine with MSI K9nbpm2-FID running Ubuntu Feisty.The CPU voltage is increased or decreased by the same value (offset) from lowest frequency to the highest.Note that the Idle Timeout time is the time you have to type your username and password when logging.Exit 1 fi Change its attributes to executable sudo chmod x /usr/bin/ Change the Pre Shutdown check-command in MythTV Backend setup to: Pre Shutdown check-command: /usr/bin/ This will prevent myth from shutting down when someone is logged in You must remember to log out rather.

#cat /proc/acpi/alarm :10:04 #shutdown -h now For example (Assuming bios is in localtime Wakeup time format: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss Set wakeuptime command: sudo echo time /proc/acpi/alarm Example for a bios configured for universal time, assuming mythshutdown is run as superuser: Wakeup time format: time_t Command.
It will likely be called something like Wake from RTC, Wake From Alarm, RTC Resume, etc.
Clock_systohc"NO" # If you wish to pass any other arguments to hwclock during bootup, # you may do so here.The wake-up function is provided on most modern boards by the ability to "wake from RTC alarm" - setting a date and time in bios will cause the computer to power itself on and boot at the set time.For more information, see upstream or Ubuntu bug.The acpi real time clock alarm function can be used by your MythTV system to wake up your machine at a certain date and time.Wait for recording (min 120 Startup before rec.Disable hwclock updates, configure MythTV, bIOS setup, if you want to use acpi to wake up your MythTV system, you first need to ensure that your motherboard supports this functionality by looking at your bios setup.S3 : Suspend to RAM.It allows :- Automatic startup of the frontend.I have a P5GD1 Pro (ASus)motherboardd with dual boot xp and windows.See the "Wake on LAN" MythTV HowTo use the real time clock (RTC) - most machines (manufactured in 2000 kirby 25 sailboat manual or later) have the ability to use the RTC for time-controlled wakeup - this option is the subject of this HowTo.