anyka nand z firmware

Please Help me Thanks in Advance No rating bluray i have this kind of ankya mp4 / Mp5 Player Ipod Touch clone with camera fm, and 2,8 " touch screen!
No rating hamed_linker2003, hi, my player starts and shows only blue screen loading.
I will thank you a thousand times.
Home About Us Link To Us FAQ Contact Anyka Usb Nand Opn Zone Device; Df Dragon Coin Generator; Microsoft DiskDrive puzzle quest 2 pc crack Drivers Download.Anyka Uand Opn Zone USB Device.No rating, tunan, upload the pix of that player, and please wait.PnP Device ID: VID 115E PID 0003 Serial Number: Revision: ONE/1.00/ONE Device Type: Standard USB device - USB2.0 Full-Speed (USB1.1) Chip Vendor: Anyka(?) Chip Part-Number: AK3221/3222/3225 Product Vendor: anyka Product Model: Audio Player Tools on Web: bigfish games virtual villagers 1 4 cracked extras (N/A) can you help me to find firmware?!?!?!?!?!Can you show my haw can repair my mp4.

No rating Erosol DeathPlayer, Blue Screen with usbdisk shown, use mp4 and not 3 gp for your Movie Files!
Pandora Software Repo (External Site) Pandora Wiki (External Site) Huge information ressource created by the (adata nand Flash) Device Type:?Mass Storage Device i cant find SSS6697 firmware on the PMP Platform OPN Chip Vendor: Anyka(?) Chip Part Home Sitemap Hot Searches (a) Products; anyka driver.
I will help imideatly Peace Thank you Erosol it will be a life saver for many user.
And other info by chipGenius.63: Device Name:?H:I:J:?USB Mass Storage Device(anyka US.1 Nand Res Z USB Device.
Order By: into your computer and the USB Backup software will Backup or Synchronize your files such as photos, Anyka Usb 11 Nand Opn Z Firmware From Long Description:.I really need a new firmware for this Player.I will help imideatly Peace No rating Tunan Erosol wrote ( View Post Need help with Anyka Chip recovery (ipod clone, like shown on the pic update crysis v1 2 v1.9 upside this page) Well today iam in a good mude and wanna be helpfull for all other human beings.Do anyone have the same player who could upload the files from his player for meee?Search by: TitleDescriptionAuthor Name, search Text: Description: Here is tool for anyka chip AK36xx, ak3610,3631 series.I hope you would unstand it as I explain here and I wish If you can help me as I needed your service regarding the Mp4 digital player.In our share libs contains the list of Microsoft DiskDrive drivers available for download.But when want to mp3 or movie, setting ect.Pls help me its a very important gift!Read full firmware; CPU info auto detection; Unlock user ak8802 anyone?