antique elevator manual door closer

Door closers are matched to manual de radiologia para tecnicos pdf 8 edicion their application, based on door size and weight, and the corresponding strength needed to close them properly.
Super Rare Otis Lexan Hydraulic Elevator at Fine Arts Bldg, University of MO Otis elevator with nixie tube indicator.
Some elevators may also have a slanted up panel with some or all of the floor buttons.
The Series 6 panel has a similar layout to the Otis Series 1 panel.
Series 1 external fire control panel.Generally, turning a screw Clockwise will increase resistance or slow the door, Counter-Clockwise will do the opposite.See also External links.Vintage Otis "Pop-out" buttons on an early Autotronic elevator.Newer Otis Series 2/4 fixtures.Oak Brook, IL Otis Hydraulic Elevator in McDonald's Oak Brook, IL: Otis Series 5 Hydraulic Elevator in McDonald's.Series 1 floor indicator.Newer Otis Series 2/4 floor indicator.This type of door is usually seen on older elevators that formerly had no inner doors.

Vintage Otis metal car switch.
Add a photo to this gallery Single opening A single opening door only has a single panel door the width of the doorway that opens to the left or right laterally.
1983 Series 1 floor indicator.
There is also a vandal resistant version, with metal buttons.The indicator is green and is often a digital, but sometimes a segment indicator is used for buildings with four floor or less.Typical Otis Series 1 panel.Vintage Otis call annunciator panel for operator to receive hall calls.8, sematic linear car door operator used on a Schindler 3300 AP elevator.Folding inner doors This type of door is seen on elevators with a swing hoistway door.