amped 2 xbox patch

The songs in the game are also pretty good and it all comes together to make for a very fun experience.
No Collisions with other riders, enter NoCollisions at the Cheats screen under options.
The one option I like that most is custom soundtracks.
Techno is really good in it if you like electronic.
The replays look even better than the gameplay since they amcor navigation gps 3900 manual re-edit your run on the fly to mimic a highlight film.Overall: Brill game, great gameplay, great graphics, online play.Also, when you try to jump when you accelerate, they go way, way to far.Overall: 80 Gameplay: 90 Graphics: 100 Sound: 100 c_a_i_l_l_o_u Date reviewed: November 5, 2003.Some online players just butter back and forth to get scores in the billions.Analog for grabs you can pull off awsome moves.Overall: This is the snow boarding game of all time.Sound: This game has tons and tons of really good independent music.Overall: 90 Gameplay: 90 Graphics: 100 Sound: 90 MikeMan91389 Date reviewed: November 26, 2003.

Overall: Great snow boarding game.
Make butters get more difficult over time.
Graphics: Indeed, the graphics have gotten way better than in Amped.
Kudos to the LIve options.New Amped 2 Trailer Microsoft has released a new trailer for Amped.Youll have a blast hitting jumps and rails and getting muge scores.FIX that glitch already!Keep it up for Amped 3 :P Overall: 90 Gameplay: 90 Graphics: 80 Sound: 80 Liquid Gears Date reviewed: February 21, 2004.XNS sorts were saying they would give it a 180 degree turn, well they didn't and I'm glad they didn't!Hard to listen to every song and remember them.Tere's a new clitch everytime I go on Xbox Live practically.Gameplay: Well the game play is good the way the camera angles are makes it easy to control.Gameplay: The controls are a lot differnt from the original.