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I was also unimpressed by Kid Cudi (Scott Mescudi s performance.
The movie starts out very slow, and that pace continues as they try to build upon that.That's the first organized race scene, which includes a stone- faced Bieber driver who doesn't look old enough to drive.Some of these scenes are just plain stupid - like watching an interview / news from an ipad in the garage and acting like it's so important but the content doesn't make sense and it's really not.Reviewed by OrangeFlamingo 4 /.His target is Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper the shady professional racer that put Tobey in jail and Tobey's friend in a coffin.

To wrap this up, this is one of the cheesiest and most predictable movies I have ever seen.
The scenes where you're supposed to feel some kind of connection between characters does not succeed.
I don't know if he doesn't play the part well enough or if I still see Breaking Bad dude or if the script just plain sucks, but it could be a combination of all the above.With less than two days to get from New York to California before the race begins, Tobey embarks on a cross-country trek that features plenty of jaw-dropping moments, made even more thrilling by director Scott Waugh's insistence that all driving stunts be performed by real.I don't mind slow starters, but you have to have quality and depth in the script to keep me excited or draw me in - and they fail here.The action conceptdraw office 2 crack scenes seem like they were thought up last minute and felt very rushed.It's quite suspicious, although I do expect a trend to occur very soon with all the actual movie-goers who sat through this horrible action film to chime in and tell you how it really was - - where 3-stars here (out of 10) is actually.Two years after being framed for the death of a friend, Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is released from prison with revenge on his mind.